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 Dans Lighthouse Page

Dedicated To Those Who Keep The Lights

Coil your ropes & anchor here
'til better weather doth appear.

Welcome Aboard! As a former member of the U.S. Coast Guard, I am very familiar with the importance of lighthouses & other forms of navigational aids; and as a collector, I am fascinated with their majestic beauty. My office is cluttered with statues, paintings, stamps & photos of various lighthouses. I even plan my vacations so that I can visit lighthouses that I have not seen in person. I was a member of the Harbour Lights Collectors Society, and most of my "collectibles" are from the Lefton's Historic American Lighthouse Collection & The American Lighthouse Collection by Lenox.

O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me;       Psalms 43:3

I Am The Light 
by Danny Hahlbohm
  • About Lighthouses
    The basics on lighthouses and aids to navigation.
  • Lighthouse History
    How lighthouses first came about in ancient Egypt.
  • Lighthouse Humor
    A Casualty of Automation.
  • Lighthouse Icons
    Lighthouse icons for use on your computer.
  • Lighthouse License Plates
    U.S. license plates with lighthouses on them.
  • Lighthouse Poetry
    Various poems about lighthouses.
  • Lighthouse WebCams
    Lighthouse webcams from all over the world.
  • My Lighthouse Photos
    Our photos from around the United States.
  • Other Lighthouse Links
    Lots of lighthouse related links!
  • U.S. Lighthouses
    A list of all the lighthouses in the United States.
  • Webrings and Awards
    Lighthouse webrings & awards that I have won.

  • Some Words of Warning

    If you enjoy walking out to a lighthouse at the end of a pier or a breakwater, please be careful. When waves wash over these structures, especially during high winds and storms, they become extremely dangerous, especially for children. Please use good judgement and caution when visiting these types of lights.
    And About Courtesy

    Some lighthouses are located on private property and are even used as private residences. Please be considerate and respect the rights of their owners. View them only from public land or from the water.

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