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A lighthouse where!?!

As much as we love lighthouses & traveling around the country looking for them, the last place I expected to find one was in Cleveland, Tennessee. Yes, there is a lighthouse in Cleveland, Tn. & I have pictures to prove it. Although this lighthouse was not built to assist sea-going vessels, it does have a working light in the tower.

It is located a couple of miles south of Cleveland on highway 11 (going towards McDonald). It is built beside a Baptist Church in memory of 2 people who loved lighthouses. When I first saw it, I immediately rushed home and got my camera. Although it was very impressive in the daytime, it is spectactular at night.

The following information was given to me by one of the Church's members:
It was built totally by the men of the church. The money to build it was given by the members of the church and some outside friends. The landscaping around it was done by one of the deacons. To get the big shipping rope that hangs around the lighthouse was a little difficult. They got on the internet and finally found a shipyard in Mississippi that sold it to them for practically nothing.

See, I told you there was a lighthouse in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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