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After years of wanting my very own lighthouse, I finally got one. On my 1999 lighthouse vacation to The Great Lakes, I stumbled across this lighthouse at a gas station somewhere around Oswego, NY. I had seen several of these yard lighthouses before, but none of them really appealed to me.

Since I'm not much of a carpenter, I thought it would be better to buy one rather than try to build one myself (and I doubt that it would have even resembled a lighthouse whenever I got through with it). So I bought it and stuffed this 6 foot tall lighthouse in the back of a Ford Explorer, along with the luggage (12 days worth), 2 dogs, enough food to last a month, and the rest of the souvenirs.

After I got home, it was painted to match the colors of my house and I wired it up. It has a working light in it that comes on automatically at night and goes off in the morning. Here are a few photos of my lighthouse.

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